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fINALLY a suppressor optimized, precision, ambidextrous ar-15

The Obsidian PRO is an adjustable, ambidextrous AR-15. It was designed to suppress better, and be more accurate than any other AR on the market. The full adjustability of the system allows for less felt recoil, more reliable cycling, less wear and tear on parts, and optimized gas operation no matter what ammo is being utilized.

  • Limited Life-time Warranty
  • Sub MOA 223 Wylde 416R SS Barrel
  • SilencerCo ASR QD Suppressor flash hider
  • Adjustable Gas Block
  • 15.2” M-Lok rail
  • Ambidextrous Gas Blocking Charging Handle
  • 7075-T6 Upper
  • 7075-T6 Ambi Lower with full auto cut
  • BCG (QPQ, Carpenter 158 Bolt, Sprinco Extractor/ejector Springs)
  • LaRue 4lb, 2-stage Trigger
  • Sprinco Hot White Buffer Spring
  • MagPul SL Stock

***We build custom rifles. This is our production rifle. Message us for details

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The Obsidian Pro is an adjustable AR-15 that bridges the gap between duty weapons that offer high reliability and durability, and competition weapons that are built for speed and precision.

Accuracy: 223 Wylde 416R SS hybrid weight barrel designed to reduce muzzle flip with a 1:8 twist that is lead lapped pre-nitriding to break in the barrel for utmost precision out of the box. 416R barrels are not as durable as a 4150CMV mil-spec barrels, but offer higher precision. After black nitriding these barrels, they offer a ~15,000 round barrel life dependent on the type of shooting performed. Before installing the barrel, we lappe the upper so that the barrel seats 100% flat into the upper, then bed the barrel in place which acts as a heat sync, and increases accuracy. Initial accuracy tests proved .62 MOA at 100 yards with 77 Gr IMI Razor Core, and all subsequent accuracy tests were sub-MOA until the barrel was shot-out. The worst accuracy results were .86 MOA at 100 yards after testing ended.

Adjustability/Suppressor optimization: We utilize the SilencerCo ASR flash hider, but do not use a crush washer, as this has been known to cause baffle/end cap strikes. We use accu-washers which seats the muzzle device evenly on the barrel. Our adjustable gas block helps to fine tune your operating system for flat shooting/low gas blow back. We pair a H1 buffer with a SprinCo White Hot intermediate weight buffer spring for optimal cycling reliability.

Speed: We utilize the LaRue MBT-2S as the perfect mix between a battle and competition style trigger for high consistency, reliability, speed, and accuracy. Another product we utilize is the PDQ which is an ambi-BCG lever allowing the shooter to catch and release the BCG with their trigger finger.

Reliability: Our black nitride 5.56 full auto BCG uses upgraded SprinCo ejector/extractor springs, a Viton-O ring, and a Carpenter 158 bolt for high durability and reliability.

Receivers/Rail: Obsidian’s uppers and lowers are 7075-T6 aluminum, and have one of the highest QC checks on the market (126 point check). Our 15.2” M-lok free float rail has 4 integrated anti-swivel QD sling mounts, and utilizes a 2.25” barrel nut to give more rigidity to the whole rail so rail-mounted lasers will hold zero. Lastly, our ambi charging handle is one of the lightest on the market, uses a large latch on the right side, and small latch on the left so that it won’t snag on clothing or gear, and to top it off, it blocks gas blow back for a more enjoyable shooting experience.

Comes with:
Savior Urban Warfighter double rifle bag, 30 round magazine, Extra long hex key for adjusting gas block, Obsidian patch, LaRue heavy trigger spring, and a Limited Lifetime warranty.

Additional information

Included Extras

• 1 PMAG
• Savior Urban Warfare double rifle tactical case.



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