Precision Rifles for Patriots.


– Our Vision –

Obsidian Rifle Works was started to make suppressor-optimized rifles that require no upgrades, and offer the highest accuracy and reliability out of the box. During the design process we consulted tier one operators to see what features they would prefer upgraded on their primary use rifle, then we incorporated those changes into our design.

We at Obsidian Rifle Works strive towards excellence with stringent Quality Control checks, and rigorous testing of all products. We put our current rifle through a 10,000 round torture test to find any bugs or inefficiencies. Everything will eventually breakdown with use, we just want to see how much use/abuse is required before a failure occurs, and what part will fail first. That way we address any problems before release. Our goal is to make the most efficient, precise, reliable, suppressor optimized rifles on the market to date.

A lot of Research and Development goes along with this type of business model. We want the best products so that the customer need not worry about a product that ever requires warranty work or recalls, but still has the peace of mind being covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Proudly Made in the USA