The Crew



              Scott worked at a gun shop for 7 years, made several hundred custom rifles for many people, and thoroughly enjoyed finding people’s preferred products based on quality and feel. After several years of making custom rifles, he decided to release an out of the box production rifle that required no upgrades. He wanted all the upgrades of a $3,000 custom rifle at an affordable price in a suppressor-optimized AR platform. He also wanted to make the most precise and reliable rifle possible. Scott put months into fine tuning his rifle design. He consulted with several master armorers, gunsmiths, a few Olympians, Green Berets, Rangers, Police officers, competitors, and previous clients to find the best mix of upgraded parts for fit, feel, precision and reliability. Then he built it. The resulting product was the Obsidian-PRO. Obsidian Rifle Works is Scott’s passion that he hopes to grow into a 4+ model line-up. For now, Obsidian Rifle Works is customizing the PRO to fit the individual’s needs: Budget build, Hunter build, Super fancy build, different calibers, different muzzle device, different furniture, even accessory/optic packages. Please email Scott if you have any questions about custom options.