About the Crew



Scott was born with a slight deformation that made him a terrible swimmer. Sadly, one day while out on a school trip, he was stolen by a dentist who was on vacation at the time. He spent the next few weeks in a glass box in the waiting room of the dental suite while his father searched for him, and eventually rescued Scott by performing a daring and complicated aerobatics maneuver which involved a very large bird.

Tall Scott loved his father, who unfortunately died very suddenly when he was betrayed by his own brother, and thrown off a cliff into a herd of stampeding wildebeest's. This caused confusion, and later great tension between Scott and his uncle Skar. Eventually Scott challenged Skar to a vicious paw to paw fight for the title of "Business owner." Scott was victorious, but unfortunately Skar's "friends" ended up eating him due to his not feeding them properly...a mistake Scott has learned to never make.

Needless to say Tall Scott has had a LOT of adventures in his lifetime, and could tell many stories but is currently enjoying his most recent adventure of juggling being a husband, father, business owner, and recounting his original, and totally true stories to his children so that his father's legacy is never forgotten.